Telecom Offerings
BSS and OSS app for MNOs, MVNOs & MVNEs

Retail Offerings
Inventory, POS, Sales Monitoring, Loyalty program etc.

Financial Offerings
E-Gift, Fleet Card, Prepaid Recharge, Network Processing,
3rd party processing etc.

Enterprise Offerings
Collaboration, Integration, Lifecycle Management, Documentation etc.

Cloud Offerings
SaaS, PaaS & IaaS

Mobility Offerings

The FinaTel Advantage

A high-end IT Products & Services Company, FinaTel provides specialized technology services to industries like Telecom, Finance and Retail and more. Considering the ever-evolving consumer demands and market requirements, our engineering services are highly progressive and market-ready. FinaTel has been providing niche engineering services to several leading companies across the globe, with the sole focus of increasing their business efficiency, at minimal IT costs.

To deliver excellence, Technology ought to be built 'around' the business
Instead of 'for' the business

To compete in today's highly-demanding disruptive market, businesses need to be equipped with the right technology and have the right approach before hitting the market. FinaTel can unfold optimum technology channels for your business, offering ideal solutions with progressive approach.

Our high-performance solutions are scalable and extensible, and are designed to add more value to your business, while consistently improving your position in the market. Our core competencies are in Mobility, Cloud Computing, Product Designing, Engineering, Re-engineering, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

ServicesIndustry-specific Engineering Services

We provide thoroughly -iterated engineering services that reducestime-to-market while increasing productivity and business efficiency.
Our technology services span across myriad industries.

Financial Service Offerings
Security, compliance and scalability form the core to our domain-specific financial services. Our services in payment gateway vertical includes, Integration with network processors like Visa &MasterCard, EMV implementation, Consultation for certification processes, Automating bank helpdesk system, and off-shore support for third-party integration.
Telecom Service Offerings
Telecom offerings from FinaTel cover a wide range of software and support services like Business Support Services (BSS) and Operations Support Services (OSS) application development, focusing Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) and Mobile Network Operations (MNOs)
Retail Service Offerings
Our impact-generating retail solutions work for both small retail outlets and omni-channel retail outlets. Combining the power of front-end capabilities and advanced back-end technologies, FinaTel helps retail businesses to effectively organize, multiply and manage, inventory, sales and data.

Cloud Service Offerings
Our cloud stack offers a spectrum of application services like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS including Application Development & Deployment over cloud-providers & on-premise infrastructure, Development & Maintenance of PaaS applications, Secure data backup ,Cloud storage and Migration.

Mobility Service Offerings
Our enterprise-grade mobility services include Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development, Mobile Portability, and Mobile & Web Application development over iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms, using Native SDK, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, Hybrid frameworks etc.
Technology Service Offerings
Handling technologies rippling from bleeding-edge, cutting-edge to leading-edge, require intense IT understanding and engineering expertise. FinaTel's strategy-based technology services covers end-to-end support needs like Consulting, Engineering, Development, Maintenance, Testing & Validation ...

Industry SolutionsScalable Solutions. Rapid Deployment


Customers are either in or out! This might sound overwhelming, but retaining customers is the biggest retail challenge today. Customers are no more restricted to in-store shopping alone, as retail industry has expanded to multi-channel shopping platforms. Mobile shopping apps, In-store kiosks, Tablet apps are some of today's off-shoot shopping channels and the carpet is rolling for new technologies to emerge.


When it comes to manufacturing industry, seamless functioning of multiple silo units have major impact over productivity. A tiny malfunction in a single system, could render heavy consequences on several other connected processes. To avoid process downtime and machine overhaul, it is imperative to have performance measurement tools, productivity management systems and tracking solutions in place.


Technology plays a pulsating role today, as the gap between care givers and patients has almost blurred. Speaking of bridging the gap, care givers are required to move much faster today than in the past, as 'time is life-saving' in the medical world. This urgency has led towards innovative medical approaches like virtual medical room, remote patient monitoring system, sensor-based connected devices etc.

Travel & Tourism

To compete with the 'now and happening' pulse of travel industry, it is vital to have optimized and robust systems in place, that can handle mass-bookings, multiple check-outs, rapid data processing systems and security challenges, as a simultaneous process. Even a few seconds of network loss or accounting downtime could cost the company dearly. FinaTel offers tailor-made solutions for the Travel industry.

Food Industry

A successful restaurant is the sum total of many small tasks orchestrated in the right proportion. Attending to customer queries, handling menu demands, procuring raw materials, managing and distributing excess stock, trackingcustomer& vendor billing, and running loyalty programs are all part of the food service business, which requires meticulous attention.

Enterprise IT

Gaining advantage from the currently trending IT renaissance, most enterprises are transforming their ways from legacy to contemporary. Though most systems accept and adopt new business methods & strategies, two basic features remain uncompromised in any enterprise setup - Process and Security.

Client Testimonials

Domain ExpertiseExtensive Knowledge.In-depth Experience

FinaTel's IT heavy expertise spans across languages like C, C++, Java, J2EE, and .Net, frameworks like Spring, Grail and Hibernate, and widely used DBMS like
PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle.

With strong OS expertise in Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Red Hat and Solaris, we've been developing feature-rich products and solutions over Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, HTML5 and CSS3. FinaTel's core competency lies in our ability to provide break through solutions for emerging and progressing technologies like Cloud Computing and Mobility.



Retail industry is growing big! Customers, products, revenue, all stream-in from different channels in different fragments. To handle this data deluge, it is imperative to usesolutions that can tackle challenges of different magnitudes. Retail Fort comes with a stack full of retailing capabilities!


Not just the meal, but the entire dining experience counts when it comes to running a successful restaurant business. With a smooth entry- to-exit customer management solution, winning customers becomes a piece of cake with FinaTel's TabServe.

e-Commerce [Flato]

Launching an online store requires exhaustive planning and intensive product management capabilities. As an enterprise grade e-commerce solution, Flatobringsready-to-launch features that facilitate setting up a fully customizable online store, within unbelievable ...