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FinaTel is a software development & technology services company based in India with global offices in SriLanka, UK and the Middle East.

What we do?

We develop innovation-centric IT products, and provide advanced Technology Services & Solutions for major verticals like Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Hospitality and IT Enterprises. Apart from building high-capability products & solutions for business-driven markets, we also provide services in multiple domains and verticals for companies of all size & shape.

What makes us unique?

Our products and services are highly end-user centric, and focus on minimizing efforts and maximizing efficiency, be it Management, Automation or enhancing User Experience FinaTel's consistent efforts in R & D, helps us create solutions that are responsive and market-ready.

To compete in today's internet-driven market, businesses need to have dynamic systems and solutions, which enable instant collaboration and increased productivity, without spiking IT costs. Through our specialized services and solutions, we provide the ideal platform and support to empower businesses, and help them consume market opportunities better while achieving consistent throughput.

Minimizing Efforts - Maximizing Efficiency

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How FinaTel can help your business?

With today's globally competitive environment, it is imperative to have a capable IT partner to speed-up, scale-up and accelerate the business for higher performance and productivity.

FinaTel can be a reliable technology partner and service provider to keep you ahead of your competition in the market and help you continue to provide exceptional service in your industry. Our talented engineering pool has vast experience in different verticals, and can bring great value to your business and your brand.