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Wooing Diners - Wonderland of SMS

In this day of ever growing technologically attracting customers especially Diners with great things to offer is the talk of the day. Selling through text messaging is easy, cost effective, easily reachable and very affordable to most of the population.

SMS campaigning takes up various shapes during various times to reach out customers.

1. Discount offers:     Great way attract new customers and make them to have a eventful experience. Used to let know your customers your unique selling points and encourage them to refer your restaurants to their contacts.

2. Loyalty Points:     There are people who have just fallen for your restaurants for various reasons and will be happy to continue to be your regulars. Identify those regulars and make specific loyalty programs and SMS to them mentioning special offers either by way of special discounts or offering additional items during specific events

3. Contests and Polls :     This is another novel method to keep in touch with customers. Sending SMS to people who are in your list , a question to answer and enable them to enter into a draw and offering them special discounts or free meals and this becomes eventually an advertising of your restaurants.

4. Diners Opinions:     SMS may also be used to acquire customers feedback on ambiance, food and service. Opinions are solicited and this makes your customers feel they are with us.

5. Keeping in Touch:     Enabling customers not only on events or discounts but also on letting them know that you rock and create sense of mindful existence. Hosting special events for example musical nights or Food Seminars etc., inviting them and award them romantic experiences regularly. This will certainly be enabling everlasting relationship and a sense of growth to you.