Solution Description

Joychat is a Global Mobile application for the public users to use this mobile app to make audio / video call, instant messaging service, audio conference facility, instant money transfer. The project is a combination of technology, innovation and promotions that have been designed to deliver a low cost calling app with add on features to telecom users.

Solution Implementation

The mobile application is an Android, IOS and Windows based app, offering audio / video call, instant messaging service, audio conference facility and instant money transfer.

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Client Background

A leading telecom client wanted to come out with a global mobile app which could help the telecom users to make domestic and international calls at cheaper rate and transfer funds using mobile app.

Business Challenge

Client required developing a Mobile application for the public users to provide best calling rate and instant money transfer across the Globe.


The concept is to deliver at par services to delight the telecom customers, reduce call cost, and reduce payment transfer duration.

Our Solution

  • Consumer Mobile application
  • App Manager
  • Product Highlight

  • Consumer Mobile Application -The mobile application will be an Android, IOS, and Windows based app, offering App to App and App to Non app call, App to App chat, Group Chat, Audio Conferencing, Instant Payment Transfer using PAYPAL.
  • App Manager - The app manager module is a web based application which handles the end to end operational management of the proposed software application including data, third party integration and user management. All master data configuration, modifications and reporting is done at app manager.
  • Technology Stack

  • Web Application: Java EE, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL Google Cloud Messaging, Google Places API
  • Mobile Application : Android, IOS, Windows, Google Places API, Google Prediction API

Area of Implementation

This Mobile App can be customized and implemented in all telecom clients that are targeting telecom users with innovative mobility services.

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