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Solution Description

M-EDGE is a Centralized Promotional Message Playback System designed for multiple standards of telephone line interfaces with centralized web based management console for Retail market & FMCG Services industries.

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Solution Implementation

M-EDGE provides a stable and reliable platform on top of which any software requirements can be built on.FinaTel’s M-EDGE Solution helps in seamlessly performing attractive customer services with customized promotional campaigns.

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Client Background

India’s FMCG industry leader with a heritage of over 75+ years. With over 30+ brands including 20 different categories dealing with consumer goods.

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Business Challenge

Client required a well-defined system in place to verify, ensure and enforce automated solution practices ensuring trust worthy branding in the market. This system was expected to offer fair and transparent market for buyers.


The concept was to deliver a centralized promotional message playback system that needs to be designed for multiple standards of telephone line interfaces with a centralized web management console to manage all M-EDGE driven devices over GPRS.

Our Solution

  • Promotional Message Playback
  • Automatic Call Switching
  • Centralized Management
  • Incoming Call Statistics
  • Incoming Call Recording (Possible based on Client requirement)
  • GPRS based Solution
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Product Highlights

  • Integrates with Telephones & Caller ID Devices -M-EDGE devices are designed to work seamlessly with standard wired telephone devices & caller ID Display systems so that the functionalities offered by such devices won’t be affected by connecting M-EDGE device to the lines.
  • Operates on its own power without disturbing the Telco line -M-EDGE Devices are designed to work on its own power and are provided with Battery Backup for operating when there is no incoming AC Power. Never takes power from Telco line.
  • Surge Protection & Noise Reduction - M-EDGE Device design takes care of unexpected power surges & also distinct the power and audio circuitry properly to avoid any kind of noise interference to calls and recorded clips.
  • M-EDGE Devices can be enhanced to integrate IVR - Interactive Voice Response integration will provide capability to ask pre-recorded questions, capture key presses by calling party as answers and respond accordingly
  • ROI –M-EDGE device based process is more productive with the FMCG client as the Regional Head & Management do not have to spend time in making worksheets or arranging papers to understand the selling patterns of specific product.
  • Time saving–Regional Heads and Management are now capable of getting Automated Market Research data more quickly since the complex calculations and buying pattern of the product in the specified region is automated by FinaTel for the client.
  • Error Free – Manual calculations and result analysis are prone to a lot of errors and mistakes. M-EDGE device has automated this thereby nullifying the mistakes in understanding the pulse of the buyers and the product selling pattern process.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – M-EDGE Management console offers a wide range of additional useful reports in addition to the above mentioned ones

Technology Stack

Web Application:
Java, JSF, MySQL, Hibernate framework, Google Protocol Buffer.

SQLite, C#.Net (windows mobile), Google Protocol Buffer.

Areas of Implementations

M-EDGE Device can be implemented in all B2C verticals that are targeting sales increase through brand marketing.

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