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Communication Image

A Next Gen Communication App with anytime, anywhere access. Be in touch where ever you are to chat, share photos, videos, calls over IP & more.

The application was developed for a leading Communication company in UK.

Technology: Android, iOS, Java, Angular JS

My Foodie Image
My Foodie

An exclusive app for Food Lovers. Restaurant listing, Cuisines, Deals and lots more on offer. Location based Deals, restaurant listing.

Technology: Android, Java, Angular JS, Google Location Services

TabServe Image

An android based mobile Tablet eMenu on the customer table for a delightful dining experience. Reviews, SM Integration, Video on Demand during waiting period & lots more. Separate modules and Apps for Chef, Captain, Manager and POS order booking and billing. whizhop is running successfully in India & USA.

Technology: Android, Java

Money Transfer Image
Money Transfer

A state of Art App for transferring money over chat. Transfer money to your near & dear ones. As simple as saying "Hi". The application was developed in association with a leading global player in Money Transfer & money remittance company in USA.

Technology: Android, Java, Angular JS, iOS

One Card Image
One Card

One Card is an alternate for Banking Services. Our Banking client in US, wanted an app that could eliminate documentation work to open an account in USA. Once Card saves time by cutting down on redundancy, and help account holders to do quick money transfer across the world.

Technology: Android, Java, Angular JS.

Distribution Image
Distribution App

An End to End Integrated Mobility & Web based solution for streamlining large scale distribution network. Built in a robust architecture and the solution handles transactions from 35,000 outlets with more than 2 million transactions per day. Integrated with SMS, Email communications. The solution was designed & developed for a leading IT company in India. The solution was architected and developed in a record time of 6 months.

Technology: Android, Java, Spring, Hibernet.

Digital Catalog Image
Digital Catalog

An ideal application for Enterprise Sales team. A Digital brochure with product details, demo videos, customer feedback, capture interest, email and SMS etc. The solution was developed for a leading Enterprise Telecom player.

Technology used: iOS, Java.

Education Image
Education App

An exclusive application to simplify education. Student can read their text book portions through the Tablet/iPad application and access to a wide range of services like Dictionary, chat with teachers, notice boards, call teachers via app, take notes etc. In addition, separate android apps for parents and teachers to track student attendance, student/kid progress and interaction between teachers and parents of respective classes, etc.

Technology: Android, Java, Angular JS, iOS, Google Location Services

Polling/Survey Image

A next gen mobile app to understand customer preferences. Customers can poll their preferences through a series of questionnaires. The questions are dynamic and will be available based on the selected geography/location for the users. An ideal tool for marketing, retail companies, political parties. The app is supported by a web admin application.

Technology: Android, Java, Angular JS

Campaign Image
Campaign App

An android based app to reach out to customer and conduct campaigns. The app is developed with reach-out feature to get customer opinion and conduct campaigns. The was developed for a leading political party in Kerala.

Technology: Windows, Java, MySQL DB

Verification Image
Process Verification App

A PDA based app for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Municipalities for legal Meterology verification. The App is integrated with GPS, Bluetooth printer, Bar code scanner.

Technology: Android, Java, Angular JS

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