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Achieve high-availability and real-time services - go cloud!

Taking systems and data up on the cloud, means more than just uninterrupted business. It means shredding IT-barriers for a seamless connect, collaboration and security. Cloud has proven metrics to have increased performance and results to incredible heights, and has changed the way IT services are consumed today. With robust infrastructure capabilities, cloud computing is expanding its channels promoting business agility and lean management structure.

Stretchable resources

As your data and systems sit over a secure yet flexible location, retrieving and distributing data and services, will be easier than ever. Data in cloud can be easily recovered using highly secure, disk backup and disaster recovery features.

Real-time collaboration

Businesses that are based on networking will be able to increase their efficiency as cloud offers incredible speed and instant connectivity. With clouds advanced collaboration facilities, performance will reach a new-high as collaboration becomes seamless and in real-time that offers consistency of services across multiple devices.

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Flexible pricing

Enterprises and businesses can avail and offer services at metered counts, as cloud offers an elastic stretch of service options and customizable plans. Cloud is a major advantage to 'Pay as you go' pricing models, as services are priced only for those consumed.

Automated structure

With data and service on cloud, organizations can offer self-service facilities to their employees guiding them with self-help features, which will save time and money that results in increased productivity and performance. Automating processes will empower employees as it reduces reliability and increases individual contribution.

Virtualize your business powered by FinaTel's advanced cloud-capabilities

Our cloud services cover a full stretch of cloud computing roster, which includes basic-level service to advanced cloud computing service on Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Application development, deployment & maintenance, over cloud/on-premise infrastructure.
  • Application integration over cloud providers infrastructure and IaaS service providers.
  • Migration & Upgrade of existing cloud structure.
  • Application integration with 3rd party systems and applications.
PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Application development, deployment and maintenance for PaaS-based applications.
  • Platform-based app development [Google, Appengine, Amazon, Microsoft etc].
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • End-to-end data-centre migration to cloud storage.
  • Secured online service for data storage
    and back-up.
  • Affordable storage options for data retention.
  • Auto-managed cloud databases facility.