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Add more health moments to your patient care with FinaTel's healthcare solutions.

Technology plays a pulsating role today, as the gap between care givers and patients has almost blurred. Speaking of bridging the gap, care givers are required to move much faster today than in the past, as 'time is life-saving' in the medical world. This urgency has led towards innovative medical approaches like virtual medical room, remote patient monitoring system, sensor-based connected devices etc.

FinaTel has extensive experience in developing applications, specifically designed to address challenges in the medical world. Our medical solutions extend from administrative management solutions, lab assistance solutions and virtual medical office applications, to operations & equipment control solutions.

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Patient Care Solutions
  • Web & Mobile-based Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Web & Mobile-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Patient workflow solution
Administrative Solutions
  • Patient-information management solution
  • Billing & Financial management solution
  • Claims & insurance management solution
  • Staff-management solution
  • Equipment control solution
Mobility Solutions
  • Lab reporting Apps
  • Doctor-Patient communication Apps
  • Remote device monitoring Apps
  • Health monitoring & Fitness Apps

Apart from developing solutions, we also provide extensive consultation services to re-organize IT infrastructure that reduces costs, automates processes and simplifies medical formalities for both patients and staff. By enabling technology innovations as part of patient care, we help medical firms to optimize their operations so that they focus on providing better healthcare, without worrying about administration and automation.