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Increasing productivity & performance is all about orchestrating systems & processes efficiently.

When it comes to manufacturing industry, seamless functioning of multiple silo units have major impact over productivity. A tiny malfunction in a single system, could render heavy consequences on several other connected processes. To avoid process downtime and machine overhaul, it is imperative to have performance measurement tools, productivity management systems and tracking solutions ready in place.

FinaTel's performance-based manufacturing solutions can help industries in streamlining their systems and processes to improve organizational efficiency, increase productivity and eliminate unforeseen downtime mishaps.

Our solutions are highly customizable and can be integrated with any back-end systems with zero installation downtime.100% machine utilization, compliance to quality standards and optimized resource allocation systems are some of the default features in our manufacturing solutions. FinaTel's bespoke manufacturing solutions can be extended based on requirements.

Manufacturing Image
Our manufacturing solutions are extensive, but not limited to:
  • Material management solution
  • Inventory tracking solution
  • Preventive Maintenance solution
  • Labeling and Bar-coding solution
  • Warehouse Management system
  • Vendor Management system
  • Activity Monitoring and Notification system
  • Quality and Compliance management system