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Increased sales is a direct result of organizing and automating systems & processes.

Speaking of 'transformation' in its true sense, retail industry would be an ideal example to go for. From the traditional 'brick and mortar' model to the recent 'e-tailing' trend, which is transforming to a 'me-tailing' culture, retail industry has been taking several forms, within short spans of time. A major driving-factor is customer demand. To keep in vogue with market advancements, retailers have a deluge of challenges to address. But smart retailing can convert challenges into opportunities, and to do this, retail businesses need to.

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Analyze. Organize. Automate

FinaTel provides end-to-end retail services that help you automate your retail system, with a centralized pan view. Our core retail services include:
  • POS/MPOS implementation
  • Mobile Retail App Development
  • Back-office system automation & integration
  • CRM integration
  • BI Dashboard development
  • Reporting tools development and integration

At FinaTel, we simplify technology in its most advanced form, for both retailers and customers.In today's customer-driven retail market, a successful retail business will have organized systems and processes, addressing challenges, at both business level and at the end-user level. Our laser focused retail services has technology capabilities to tie-up loose ends and provide a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.

Business-Centric retail services

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Our retailer-specific services include the following.

  • Store marketing
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Master Data management
  • Merchandizing management
  • Retail & Distribution management
  • Order & Delivery management
  • Purchase Order management
  • Supply-chain management
  • Sales report management
  • Inventory management
Customer-Centric retail services

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To enable a recurring purchase experience, FinaTel provides customer-centric retail services, incorporating the following features into our retail applications.

  • Personalized experience in mobile & web apps
  • Rapid check-out functionalities
  • Optimized customer service options
  • Multiple payment options
  • Deals & Loyalty program management
  • Store-value program management