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Omnipresence is the key to unlock & capture new customers.

Customers are either in or out! This might sound overwhelming, but retaining customers is the biggest retail challenge today. Customers are no more restricted to in-store shopping alone, as retail industry has expanded to multi-channel shopping platforms. Mobile shopping apps, In-store kiosks, Tablet apps are some of today's off-shoot shopping channels and the carpet is rolling for new technologies to emerge.

FinaTel can build customized high-performance solutions for retailers, who need technology solutions that not only cuts cost but also increases sales and improves customer experience.

Our retailer-centric solutions will help independent-store owners as well as Omni-chain retailers to organize, track and manage their supply, distribution and storage needs effectively. As requirements tend to vary from one retailer to another, we customize and add features on top of existing retail solution to address specific retail challenges. This way, retailers don't have to completely scrape off the process they are used to.

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Our retail-specific solutions include:
  • Activation of POS [Point of Sale] and MPOS [Mobile Point of Sale] for in-store, web & mobile
  • Web & mobile-based fleet tracking & reporting system
  • Warehouse & Distribution management solution
  • Order & Delivery management solution
  • Inventory management solution
  • In-store inventory tracking solution
  • Staff management and reporting system
  • Centralized multi-retail management solution
  • Customer-marketing and Loyalty solution